Fans of Bliss

"I am so happy that an email came my way announcing a BlissMidwifery Birthing Class. My partner and I were planning a natural hospital birth and needed to take a birthing class. While her passion and focus is on homebirth, Jessica was very encouraging and provided us extra materials to help ensure our hospital birth would be the experience we wanted. Later, after we toured the hospital and decided we wanted a homebirth, Jessica was instrumental in helping us find a midwife.

Her class was engaging and informative, but most importantly it was empowering. Jessica provided ample techniques for enduring pain and giving comfort. She reminded her class to trust their bodies and surrender to the process of birth. Her support made all the difference in the world to my little family and I would definitely recommend Jessica's class to any new expectant parents. " - Sara U.

"I'm skeptical by nature, and view many claims made in the name of "alternative" medical traditions with dubious hesitancy. Jessica was very patient with me. She taught the class in a matter of fact way, explaining contemporary home and institutional birth practices. Jessica discussed the real and perceived issues that surround both institutions and many of the decisions that we would encounter in the birth process.

This left me feeling better educated and able to make an informed decision; most importantly, it didn't leave me feeling preached at by a dogmatic partisan in a centuries old medical blood feud. Top marks for presenting reasoned and rational information in a clear-headed way. Also, she is an amazing baker!" - Dan G.

"My partner and I took Jessica's home birth prep class in December of 2012 and it was the best thing we could do to prepare ourselves as new parents. Not only did Jessica guide us through what to expect during labor and delivery, we learned extremely valuable tips on what to do when the baby actually arrived! Her class goes above and beyond "childbirth" and includes breast-feeding, immediate post-birth, new-mom care, as well as what to do with the brand-new baby. We ALWAYS put a clean diaper down before taking off the old one- it has saved us from numerous accidents. We referred to the information we learned from Jessica's class a lot in those first few weeks and we wouldn't have known what to do without her resources. We absolutely, highly recommend Jessica. If you are pregnant and want to take a birth class in an intimate setting, where you can ask all the questions you have always wanted to know about pregnancy and birth, Jessica's class and midwifery skills are for you!" - Liz D.

"My husband and I enrolled in the 6-week Holistic Childbirth Preparation Series a few months before my due date with our first child, in late 2012/early 2013. We cannot emphasize enough just how happy we are with this birth prep class! We learned EVERYTHING we needed to know to prepare us for the monumental, life-changing process of having a baby. Jessica created a warm, nurturing environment for our small group. We felt comfortable asking sometimes embarassing questions and were given valuable information, allowing us to make informed choices that made sense for our family. My husband and I were impressed with the wide range of topics covered - from what to expect toward the end of my pregnancy, what signs to look for as labor begins and progresses, coping strategies for pain during a natural birth (great exercises that we still talk about!), as well as breastfeeding challenges and techniques and how to support mama and baby after birth.

My husband was a phenomenal support during labor, delivery, postpartum and beyond, due in large part to what he learned during Jessica's class. We also learned what to expect if worse-case-scenario circumstances occur and how to prepare for interventions. My husband and I both looked forward to our fun weekend classes and have stayed in touch with the other families we met through Bliss. We have strongly recommended this birth prep series to all of our pregnant friends and try our best to emphasize how essential it was for us to prepare ourselves with this class in particular. We left feeling educated, encouraged & most importantly, EMPOWERED! We knew we had all the information to make the best choices for our home birth, for our baby and for facing the inevitable challenges that come with first-time parenthood. Highly recommend!" - Kelley C.